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    Air Dates:
  • 05.09.2017 @ 06:00am EDT
  • 05.09.2017 @ 06:00pm EDT
  • 05.13.2017 @ 09:00am EDT
  • 05.13.2017 @ 09:00pm EDT
  • 05.17.2017 @ 03:00pm EDT
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Year: 2014
CC: Yes
Language: English
Director(s): rob moretti
Actors: sean paul lockhart, rob moretti, Blanche Baker, Suzanne Didonna, Rebekah Aramini

After a chance Internet encounter, Caleb meets and falls head over heels for Jeremy, and soon the line between love and deception blurs. Struggling to keep his past a secret, including his mentally ill mother, Caleb slowly succumbs to his darker side.